Affiliate Network for Movie, Game, Ebooks Traffic (Invites Only)

Affiliate Network for Movie, Game, Ebooks Traffic (Invites Only)
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Added 26-05-2015

I was recently invited to Join a Network which I was told I can invite additional affiliates to Join. This network is absolutely great, and the conversions are the best in the Movies niche I have seen since back in 2007. Now this was back when you can easily earn 1,000 to 1,500 a day. Yes, Those were the good old days!

Features Included:

1) You start off earning $17 per free trial signup. There are no refunds at all!

2) They have landers for not only movies but also for tv shows, video games, software, and ebooks. Which I was told by my AM that one guy is banking $10k a week on ebooks alone. I haven’t tested it yet. But if I was to promote ebooks I would aim for the popular new released ebooks and post on parasite websites under those titles. Pretty much the same way as everyone is hitting tumblr and theknot with movies.

I did test new released video game titles though. This was converting around 1 in 800 to 1,000. No where near as good as movies so my focused remained on movies and tv shows.

3) The network is completely legal and licensed to distribute the content found through out their members area. So it’s a much better feeling knowing you are promoting a legitimate site.

Ok, so i am only able to invite a limited amount of affiliates to join this network a month. And the invites must be sent out through their mailing system. If you are interested in promoting it and want to know more info let me know. Either PM me or post your questions here.

I can’t invite everyone to join. So those of you that know how to pull in large amounts of traffic in this niche and are familiar with it will be chosen first.

Contact me : [email protected]

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