Download Trend – Responsive Magento Theme

Download Trend – Responsive Magento Theme

Trend – responsive magento theme with custom admin module suitable for every type of store.


We use SVN in our work to control version of templates. What does it mean? It means you can always update your copy of theme very easy even after a ton of custom changes because we provide .diff files with theme files. Just compare your files with changed ones after new version will be realeased.

Ver. 1.4 (23 Febraury 12)

  • New. Activating menu only after second click. First click is for displaying submenu
  • New. Added ability to create any amount of static blocks in the header navigation just from the admin panel
  • New. Added ability to disable responsiveness
  • New. Removed layout classes from script.js, converted to css
  • New. Added new CMS page layout (2 columns)
  • Fixed. Removing the top links causes the iOS slider to break
  • Fixed. Optimized js and css merging Fixed. Added code how to delete some links from footer links
  • Fixed. Mobile Menu animation problems, when no subcategory avaliable
  • Fixed. Shopping Cart isn’t working properly
  • Fixed. Works only one widget slider if added a few
  • Fixed. Shopping Cart isn’t working properly
  • Fixed. Emails logo is wrong
  • Fixed. Bug with showing the simple products of a configurable product in “Featured category” widget
  • Fixed. Hide mobile submenu, when loading
  • Fixed. Bundled product prices are not updated

Ver. 1.3 (26 October 12)

  • Fixed. More views slider
  • Fixed. Cart accordion can’t be skined
  • Fixed. Added css classes to each item of top links
  • Fixed. Related products aren’t being added to the shopping cart
  • Fixed. Some minor js bugs
  • Fixed. Some minor xml bugs

Ver. 1.2 (16 October 12)

  • Fixed. Double increases the amount of adding products
  • Fixed. Products with custom options not being able to be added to the basket
  • Fixed. Button “remove” on the shopping cart page
  • Fixed. Subscribe form on the Ipad
  • Fixed. Product page layout
  • Fixed. Vertical indent on the homepage
  • Fixed. Static block 2 in the menu
  • Fixed. All slider in IE8 2
  • Fixed. More views buttons
  • Fixed. css bug with add to cart button

Ver. 1.1 (13 September 12)

  • Added. Ability to use hr tag for the homepage content
  • Fixed. Homepage accordion
  • Fixed. Header slider options

Ver. 1.0 (13 September 12)

  • Magento Community Edition 1.7.x.x (,,

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Download Trend – Responsive Magento Theme