Droppy v1.0.5 – Online file sharing

Droppy v1.0.5 – Online file sharing
Version 1.0.5
Compatible with
Support PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5
Added 13-06-2015

Droppy v1.0.5 is a online file sharing system that you can use to share multiple files with family members or friends. You can send the files using email or copy a link that you can share with anyone you want. The files will be destructed after a certain amount of time and can not be restored again. If it is a important file you can lock it with a password and enable Self destruction so it will destruct itself after downloading. Droppy is very easy to install and only takes around 20 seconds to install, you don’t have to be a top developer to setup Droppy.
V 1.0.5 (4 April, 2015)
* Fixed: Minor bug fixes

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