Simple File Sharer v2.25 – Codecanyon 4562987

Simple File Sharer v2.25 – Codecanyon 4562987
Version 2.25
Compatible with
Support PHP 5.x
Added 19-06-2015

since August 2014 there are two versions of SFS 1.x and 2.x++ – both will be continued.
The main difference between both versions ist the used Bootstrap Framework – SFS 1.x uses Bootstrap 2.3.2 and SFS 2.x and higher uses Bootstrap 3.3.4 and more features
With SFS 2.24 mysqli is used and the SFS >=2.24 will be the actual SFS version, SFS 2.23.x and 1.x will be part of the download and updated if needed.
Updates V2.25 April 20th 2015
updated: jquery file upload plugin (JS) to 9.9.3
updated: to Bootstrap 3.3.4
added; responsive behaviour for admin files table
improvement: “rebuilt” auto-re-calculation of upload size limit (based on php’s post_max_size and upload_max_filesize)
fixed: admin statspage » considering time changes (summer/standard time switch) (step 2, winter»summer)
smaller fixes
smaller improvements: extended mail header information and added possibility to use additional_parameters (

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