Super Spy Detective – AudioJungle 4664706

Super Spy Detective – AudioJungle 4664706
Version 4664706
Compatible with
Support 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz
Added 12-05-2015

Is it a super hero ? Is it a spy ? Is it a detective ? … no it’s a piece of music, but arguably it could the theme from any of these – for a 1950s Sci-Fi B-Movie or for introducing the cunning Detective Inspector, complete with trilby and mac, who was working on a case (it had to be a case cos he couldn’t afford a desk).
Big brass sections rasp and duck and dive through the track with a surfing style repeating bassline, while a retro synth noise makes a UFO spaceship type melody.
Run, run – they are coming! …

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