wpDataTables v1.5.6 – responsive tables in WordPress

wpDataTables v1.5.6 – responsive tables in WordPress
Version 1.5.6
Compatible with JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, PHP
Support WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9
Added 22-02-2015

wpDataTables is a plugin, based on a phpDataTables module, and is designed to make table process of data representation quick, easy and effective. Now to insert big interactive multi-functional tables in your WordPress site you don’t need to write a single line of code, or HTML markup – wpDataTables allow you to quickly build and render interactive tables with such features as sorting, or saving to PDF from almost any possible data source: MySQL query, CSV files, Excel files, serialized PHP arrays, XML and JSON data sources.

A short list of wpDataTables features:
Cute interactive multi-functional front-end jQuery tables with filtering, sorting and pagination features rendered by DataTables jQuery plugin. You can manipulate all features easily from the WordPress admin panel. The initial javascript is compilated by PHP and then executed in your browser.
Advanced front-end table features: print view, save to PDF, save to CSV, save to Excel, Copy to clipboard by TableTools DataTables plugin.
Different column types: strings, integer, float, date, URL links, e-mail links, images.
Column reordering, hiding, specifying different headers and other “runtime” tweaks.
Row grouping based on Row Grouping DataTables plugin. If a lot of rows have same values of some column you can group them based on the value of this column. The sorting will be performed inside of these groups. See live example.
Charts based on Google Chart Tools. Easily render charts from the same dataset as your table. Line charts, Pie charts.

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